Scientific articles based on data from GoTreatIT®

Scientific articles based on data from GoTreatIT® • Alen Brkic, Katarzyna Łosińska, Are Hugo Pripp, Mariusz Korkosz,Glenn Haugeberg Remission or Not Remission, That’s the Question: Shedding Light

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GoTreatIT – the gold standard for user interaction

Lise Kristiansen has suffered from arthritis since 1978. But she believes the GoTreatIT® software from DiaGraphIT® has ushered in a whole new world for patients suffering from

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senior woman and doctor with tablet pc at hospital

GoTreatIT provides greater insight into diseases

70 per cent of nurses participating in the study believe that home reporting will help increase efficiency and ensure resources are prioritised more effectively. The project “When

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results of medical tests

DiaGraphIT joins the EEA POLNOR Rheuma project

DiaGraphIT is the latest partner in the EEA POLNOR Rheuma project, which has been granted 14 million NOK. The project aims to improve treatment for patients with

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DiaGraphIT acquired by Kernel

IT company DiaGraphIT acquired by Kernel, a Norwegian e-health and technology company. “With Kernel and DIPS, DiaGraphIT now has the perfect platform to develop and grow considerably.

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Visualize data with GoTreatIT®

GoTreatIT® systematically collects healthcare data from both healthcare professionals and patients. This data is stored in the structured GoTreatIT® database which allows it to be visualized using

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GoTreatIT® and research

GoTreatIT® makes it easy to collect clinical data for research or monitoring purposes. Patients can provide data either on site or at home thanks to the online

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Kernel as owners

Kernel is an e-health and technology company aiming to be a fast-moving spawner of e-health solutions and an accelerator of closely integrated best-of-breed solutions for the health

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