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DiaGraphIT® offers simpler and better patient care through the innovation GoTreatIT®.

The ICT tool GoTreatIT® was first developed by rheumatologist Glenn Haugeberg, who in his daily work lacked a tool to systematize the effect of medical treatment. The software collects and displays disease activity, health status, quality of life and medical intervention and forms a solid basis for a joint effort in the treatment of chronic diseases.

In 2021, DiaGraphIT was acquired by Kernel. Kernel is a technology company that aims to be an accelerator for the market’s best solutions in the health sector. With DIPS and Kernel on the team, DiaGraphIT has a solid framework for development and growth.


DiaGraphIT's team consists of developers, engineers, and medical personnel with a great understanding of the development of clinical ICT tools that provide value in the clinic.

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Tone Speilberg Birkenes

Managing Director

+47 948 07032

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Andreas P Diamantopoulos MD;PhD,MPH

Chief Medical Officer

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