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Our products are based on specifications from health professionals in the clinic.

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Development takes place in close collaboration with experts for best adaptation.

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Data flow

We collect and display specific and relevant clinical information to patients and health professionals.

How Work


Our products provide direct and rapid contact between patients and health professionals.

Documentation of daily medical treatment has never been easier

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Patient Overview

Get a graphic overview of health status

Based on recorded data, you will receive reports showing the development of the patient's course of disease, both individually and at group level. The graphic presentation shows disease progression in relation with the medical treatment.

Patient self-assessment

Web-based forms make it easy for the patient to respond to treatment and medication in a safe manner. The values are securely stored so that health professionals can monitor the reported health status continuously.

Patient Report
Patient Overview

Address the need for data collection

Data is automatically transferred from GoTreatIT® to national medical quality registers. Thus, health professionals avoid double registration.

  • Medicine control
  • Send reminders
  • Perform tests
  • Sending out forms
  • Communicate with patients
  • Secure login
  • Get reminders
  • Answers to tests
  • Answers to forms
  • Communicate with therapist

Health professionals and patients appreciate GoTreatIT®

Health professionals

Targeted treatment increases the quality of life of rheumatoid patients. GoTreatIT® is exactly the tool I need to achieve this. GoTreatIT® enables the goals of both the individual patient and management to be effectively combined.

Erik Rødevand
Head of Rheumatology Department, St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim, Norway

For me, GoTreatIT® Rheuma facilitates for a far more targeted way of working. I can rely on explicit measures and use these as a solid base for the conversations I have with the patient. My experience is that GoTreatIT® makes us all work more efficiently and it gives us better time to follow up on the patient's other needs and concerns.

Hanne Vestaby
Nurse at the Rheumatology Department, Sørlandet hospital


Using GoTreatIT® gives me great pleasure: to a much greater extent than before, I understand and can learn more about my illness, medical treatment and how it works. From the user's point of view it is very positive, says Lise.

Lise Kristiansen

GoTreatIT® is simple, effective and easy to understand. Login is very secure and trusting with bank ID. The system is fast and it doesn't take many minutes to fill in or answer questions. Good usability.

Nina Østerås
Project manager and senior researcher at the National Competence Service for Rheumatological Rehabilitation

Quality registers

Using GoTreatIT® as the data collection platform for NorArtritt thus enables the collection of all required data without burdening the clinicians with extra registering.

Bjørg-Tilde Svanes Fevang
Register leader of the Norwegian Quality Register for Arthritis Diseases

The national register for biologic treatment in rheumatic diseases in Finland (ROB-FIN) relies on GoTreatIT® enabling structured data acquisition. DiaGraphIT® has attentively listened to our development suggestions. As a result, the system is serving as an ever improving practical scientific tool for register based research.

Dan Nordström
Assoc prof, docent, PhD, MD at Helsinki University Central Hospital, and Kalle Aaltonen, Msc, Pharm Dr. at Helsinki University Central Hospital

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